Social Exercise

The BENEFITS of Group Exercise

There are many physical and cognitive benefits to adhering to an exercise program.

  • One of the so called ‘invisible’ benefits is the social aspect to exercise.

Studies have shown most people struggle to be consistent and maintain self-discipline in many areas of their lives.  This lack of consistency with goals generally may include diet and exercise.

  • It has been evidenced that for most people when they become part of a regular scheduled group exercise program, it often results in a higher level of consistency.

We learn to enjoy the social aspect of the routine, we make friends and even feel a degree of accountability.  We are missed when we don’t attend and seeing others who perhaps has their own physical ailments helps put our lives into perspective.

We all have days when we are perhaps not in the mood to socialize but doing so can lift mood and energize us. Pushing ourselves a little beyond our comfort zone helps improve confidence, gives our day more purpose and as we progress we can be proud of our hard work.

  • Seeing our friends and group members increase their strength, fitness, balance and general wellbeing can be very satisfying.

We can grow together and strengthen bonds of friendship. Supporting and being concerned for others can make us look beyond ourselves and bring great satisfaction.


  • Participants in our control group all pointed out that the social component of the program was a big motivation for them to continue. They looked forward to coming to classes to be a part of something bigger than themselves.
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