What makes the Wellness Bridge Group different?  

  • The program is designed based on existing and cutting edge medical science/ academic research from many institutions and organizations.
  • We work closely with neuropsychologists, physical therapists, and occupational therapists. As a result, we have created a unique and exciting program that helps our members age well and live and enjoy life to the fullest.
  • We focus on general fitness, strength gains, balance, range of motion and cognitive health. We include boxing and very specific movements to help each member make real gains in all areas.
  • We have an optional nutritional program with personal assessments and weekly follow up. The Wellness Bridge is far more than just an exercise class and we have the results to prove it.  There is not another program quite as comprehensive and beneficial as this.


How is it value for money?

  • You will always be able to find a gym that has a lower monthly fee than our program.  However you are not comparing like with like.  This is a well researched and comprehensive program with very specific objectives.  You WILL make progress and see personal improvement.
  • The best comparison would be to consider the cost of a personal trainer, $30-40 per session.  For 3 sessions a week that would equate to $360-$480 per month.  The program would not be as robust and medically based, but the cost proves a point.  For highly guided and supervised training the nearest thing to our class structure would require highly trained personal trainers following the same specific program.


Will I make progress?

  • Before launching this program, we ran a control group of participants for 6 months. Individuals ranged in age from 55 through to age 91.  Every person in the control group had various ailments and health issues including dementia, cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, balance issues, and many other physical limitations (knee, ankle, hip issues, etc).
  • Participants attended classes 3 times a week during the period and regular assessments were conducted. Without exception, every individual made significant progress. General fitness levels, stamina, range of motion and strength all improved. We also observed improvements in mood, motivation, and activity levels.  So yes, without question, you WILL make progress!
  • Who is the ideal participant for the Wellness Bridge Group?
  • Everyone!  Research shows the earlier (late 30’s – early 40’s) one begins exercising a minimum 150-180 minutes/ 3 hours per week (along with proper nutrition and good sleep habits) reaching and maintaining a specific heart rate, greatly reduces the chance of experiencing cognitive decline and significantly lowers the chance of getting Dementias/Alzheimers.  We have classes for all ages and most activity levels.
  • Unfortunately, most people wait until they have a significant medical problem/condition before they find the motivation and prioritize taking care of themselves.  The cost of healthcare keeps increasing while the quality of care declines.  Most health insurance plans limit the number of visits or place a ceiling on money they will spend when seeing a medical specialist such as a Physical Therapist for rehab or Neuropsychologist for cognitive issues/concerns.
  • For pennies on the dollar, you will spend in healthcare expenses (insurance cost, doctor visits, prescriptions/medicine, assisted living accommodations – when and if you can no longer take care of yourself) it certainly makes financial sense to become a member of the Wellness Bridge Group; not to mention all the benefits experienced in your improved quality of life (increased energy, mobility, strength, balance, and enjoyment of being able to do the things you used to do).
What does it cost to be a part of the Wellness Bridge Group?

  • $99 per month (min. 3-month commitment) to attend our exercise and wellness classes (3 times per week) with certified and medically trained staff.  The price will increase to $199 per month after the introductory period is over.  Every person in our control group experienced significant gains in strength, stamina, balance, cognitive acuity, and overall felt better/happier, had more energy, and felt the program was a great value.


What is the cost for Assisted Living in South Utah County?

  • We called and interviewed 14 ALC (Assisted Living Centers) in South Utah County and found it costs anywhere between $2,800 per month with little to no assistance/ supervision  –  up to and over $5,000 per month if more care is needed, (services are priced a la carte; ie – if Meds are given could cost up to $500 extra per month).
  • For those who have Dementias/Alzheimer’s and need to be in a lock down environment, pricing starts around $4,000 per month and can easily exceed $6,000 per month with all the add ons.
  • The old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” rings true in regard to the monetary cost of taking care of Mom, Dad, or even ourselves when the time comes.  The longer Mom and Dad can stay in their home, remain healthy and independent the better life is for them and for the children.  Our mission – our passion is to provide a researched/medically based health and wellness program that makes a big difference in the quality and longevity of our members’ lives.

Disconcerting trends about one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. – Dementias/Alzheimers…

  • Women are more likely to die from Dementias/Alzheimers than men – 34.8 vs 24.9 in 2017, up from 27.3 vs 21 in 2010 (age-adjusted death rate per 100,000 population) CDC report
  • Men are more likely to die from Dementias/Alzheimers than Prostate Cancer – 24.9 vs 18.7 (age-adjusted death rate per 100,000 population in 2017) CDC report
  • Women are more likely to die from Dementias/Alzheimers than Breast Cancer – 34.8 vs 19.9 (age-adjusted death rate per 100,000 population in 2017) CDC report
  • Dementias/Alzheimers is the #4 cause of death in women after Heart Diseases, Cancer, Chronic lower Respiratory, and Cerebrovascular.  CDC report
  •  Dementias/Alzheimers is the #5 cause of death in men after Heart Diseases, Cancer, Chronic lower Respiratory, Cerebrovascular, Diabetes.  CDC report
  • (need some proof for this statement) Small % of people who die from Dementias/Alzheimers do so if they exercise regularly, eat right, and get 8-10 hrs of sleep.  FOR THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE – THIS IS PREVENTABLE!!!


Disconcerting trends about Healthcare in the U.S.

  • In 2017 the average US household spent $10,739 on medical expenditures up from


More stats and info…


Who is the Wellness Bridge Group?

We are a group of medical and fitness professionals that have collaborated to develop a scientific and medically based program that includes exercise, education, and accountability.  We want to provide a place for everyone to live healthy and age well.  We are your cheerleader, coach, teammate and friend, here to help you reach your goals.


I have knee pain, should I join this program?

Yes! Exercise is good for rehabilitation of not only cognitive dysfunction, but most joint pains and orthopedic conditions.  Through the screening process, areas of concern will be identified.  Each exercise program follows a common structure but is individualized to meet your physical and cognitive needs.  If the pain is persistent, we highly recommend a consultation with a medical professional to determine if the Wellness Bridge Group is the right place for you.

I don’t feel comfortable exercising in front of others, what should I do?

Social interaction plays a big role in cognitive health.  It is natural to be shy or hesitant to workout in front of others.  Come check out a couple of classes and we think you will find that there are others who are in a very similar situation as you.  Most participants are not supermodels or bodybuilders, we are  just friendly people at different levels of activity.  We want you to feel comfortable and will make every effort to accommodate any limitations.  It is worth it to do a FREE one week trial to see if it is the right fit.  You might be surprised at the strength that comes from stepping outside your comfort zone.


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